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Keyhole Laparoscopic Surgery

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This refers to the use of tiny incisions to access the abdominal cavity in order to carry out diagnostic or therapeutic surgery. Through these incisions, special instruments are inserted to perform the surgery. The smaller incisions mean less post-operative pain, less risk of wound breakdown or infection, shorter hospitalization, and quicker recovery.

Examples of conventional laparoscopic surgeries are as follows:-

Diagnostic laparoscopy

This procedure involves using a laparoscope (a sort of telescope) inserted via a small cut in the skin of the abdomen, to view and examine the organs lying in the abdominal cavity.

Incision diagram

The diagram above shows the locations of the incisions for laparoscopic gallbladder removal. The incision used in traditional open surgery is much longer and results in more post-operative pain.

Liver diagram

The gallbladder's function is to store bile, a liquid that aids in the digestion of fats in our diet. After a meal, the bile is squeezed out of the gallbladder. It travels downl the common bile duct to reach the small intestine, where it mixes with the food. A diseased gallbladder forms stones. These stones can cause patients to feel upper abdominal pain and/or burping, especially when consuming fatty foods. They can also cause infection of the gallbladder. Once stones in the gallbladder start causing symptoms, removal of the gallbladder must be considered.

We can survive fine without the gallbladder.

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Laparoscopic appendicectomy

This refers to surgery to remove the appendix, commonly in cases of acute appendicitis. Because of less pain, keyhole surgery results in shorter hospitalizations. Duration of hospitalization is also affected by other factors, such as how severely infected the appendix is at the time of removal.

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

This is the repair of hernias of the groin region. Research shows that repair of inguinal hernia of both groins simultaneously using the laparoscopic technique results in less post-operative pain and in a shorter recovery period.